Application Security Foundations Program Bundle by Tanya Janca

Application Security Foundations Program Bundle

Application security doesn't have to be intimidating, overwhelming or mysterious. You can learn, and it can be fun!  

  1. Application Security Foundations Level 1 
  2. Application Security Foundations Level 2 
  3. Application Security Foundations Level 3 
  4. Certificate of Completion
  5. Alice and Bob Learn Application Security

Courses included!

Application Security Foundations Level 1

This introductory course will answer all of your burning questions and define all of the technical terms right at the start. Then we will set goals for your AppSec program at work as an exercise. After this we dive in deep into every type of application security activity and tool on the market, while sprinkling you with quizzes and exercises. As a final project we make an AppSec program action plan for you to bring back to work with you.
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Application Security Foundations Level 2

This second course build upon level 1 with how to scale your team, train your developers, and create a culture at your organization where security is part of everyone's job. Then we will learn how to measure and improve our AppSec program, plus do a couple of case studies. Then we use this information to add to your AppSec program goals and work plan as the final project.
Release: October 30th, 2020
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Application Security Foundations Level 3

The final course in this program will teach you all the policies, standards and guidelines you will need to support your AppSec program. We will also learn about more advanced AppSec activities, as well as incident response (and prevention). At the end we will update your AppSec Program goals so that you have complete action plan to secure ALL of your organization's software!

Release: December 11th, 2020
Regular Price $499

Your textbook and certification of completion.

Alice and Bob Learn Application Security

The absolute best application security reference money can buy!

Certificate of Completion

Mailed to you when you have completed all three courses.

What's included?

Application Security Foundations: Level 1

Application Security Foundations: Level 2

Application Security Foundations: Level 3