Welcome to level two of the Application Security Foundations Program from We hack Purple Academy!

In this video we will tell you what we have in store for you throughout this course.

Note: if you have not received your textbook, Alice and Bob Learn Application Security, please contact info@wehackpurple so that we can get it to you. Let us know if you prefer a digital or physical copy, and if you choose the physical book please include your mailing address.

Get ready, you have a lot of learning to do!

Application Security Foundations: Level 2

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This second course build upon level 1 with how to scale your team, train your developers, and create a culture at your organization where security is part of everyone's job. Then we will learn how to measure and improve our AppSec program, plus do a couple of case studies. Then we use this information to add to your AppSec program goals and work plan as the final project.
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