In the previous course we covered:
  • What is Application Security? What is a 'program'? And why do you want to have an AppSec Program?
  • We created basic high-level goals for a potential AppSec Program for your workplace.
  • Then we learned all of the types of application security activities that exist in our industry.
  • We learned about the types of application security tools that are on the market today, and even talked about tools that are coming out soon.
  • Then we used all of that information to update our goals for our AppSec Program, with an action plan for you to take to work with you.

If you have that set of goals, excellent! We will be using them throughout this course. If not, that's okay, we are going to make some new ones for you in the next module.

Application Security Foundations: Level 2

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This second course build upon level 1 with how to scale your team, train your developers, and create a culture at your organization where security is part of everyone's job. Then we will learn how to measure and improve our AppSec program, plus do a couple of case studies. Then we use this information to add to your AppSec program goals and work plan as the final project.
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